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Religious and historical heritage of the region

Start the day with a breakfast and stroll through the city of Ovar (the tile museum city), and admire the Igreja Matriz de Ovar and the city park, then take the direction of Válega to the most beautiful church in Portugal, the Igreja Matriz de Santa Maria from Válega, then head to Santa Maria da Feira and admire the imposing castle. Finally, go to the Church of Cortegaça (Parish of Santa Marinha de Cortegaça), before heading back to Ovar. Tours recommended for a morning or afternoon (4 hours), or for a whole day, taking the opportunity to get to know the region better or spend an afternoon on Cortegaça beach.

Travel time only:

2.5 hours by bike;
2 hours by eletric bike
1 hour by motorcycle.

39,1 KM
Ria de Aveiro, Sea and Beach

In this tour you can admire the beautiful beaches south of Ovar, and the exuberant nature of the Ria de Aveiro. Starting the tour in Ovar, go to the Marina do Carregal, a good place to start the day, them heading south, we will find "Oxala" restaurant, onde of the most famous in the country. We head towards beach "marretas", that holds the blue flag award, but which only has reduce services, thus being in its natural state. It continues to Torreira, where to the east we can find the Marina, where we can see the famous local colored boats, and a river beach, and to the west a beautiful see beach. Then we recommend that you go to São Jacinto, and visit the natural reserve, before taking a rest at the beach. On the way back, we propose a different path towards Ovar, and go to the other side on the Ria de Aveiro, onde the Varela bridge and spend some time discovering the charms on the Ria in the Bunheiro region.

Travel Time Only

3.5 hours by bike

2,5 hours by eletric bike

1,5 hours by motor cycle

69,1 KM
Ria de Aveiro, nature and flamingos tour

available soon

Tour to Buçaquinho and Esmoriz Natural Park

available soon
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