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Electric and modern mobility

The Super Soco TC Pro is the result of years of research and development and the use of cutting edge technology. It is an electric motorcycle for everyday use and for all ages.
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The Super Soco TC PRO is a eletric motorcycle equivalent to 125cc, and can be ridden in Portugal with a motorcycle or car license (for people over 25 years old).

This model has a real range of about 70km (tested with just 1 passenger), and it’s an agile and fun motorcycle to drive.

Is deliver two helmets and a suitcase with a capacity of 29 l, which allows you to store a helmet.

The motorcycle allows the transport of two passengers.


The battery is simple to charge, just disassemble the battery and connect with the help of the transformer to any 220v socket, at home, in the apartment or even in the hotel.